Two side sealing machine FJ119, the outstanding advantages of the sealing machine is that both sides of the carton can be sealed well, suitable for side opening of the carton, such as drinks, tiles, etc. The sealing is smooth, standard and beautiful. Carton sealers can streamline the packaging process in your production, making them highly efficient. Our carton sealers are available for almost any task: For sealing of identical or varying box sizes, for wide or narrow tape, for top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap closure, etc. All machines come in sturdy design and advanced features.

Power Supply 220/380V 50Hz
Strap Width 500X500
Tension Strength
Strapping Speed
Power Consumption 300W
Max Package size L∞ x W500 x H500mm
Min Package size L150 x W180 x H150mm
Machine size L1000 x W900 x H1270mm
Shipping size L1100 x W915 x H1300mm
Net Weight
Gross Weight
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